5mW Red Dot Laser Diode Module


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  • Working life: more than 1000 hours Spot mode: dot facula, continuous output
  • Laser wavelength: 650nm (red)
  • Light power: <5mW
  • Supply Voltage: 5VDC
  • Operating Current: <40mA
  • Operating temperature: -36 ~ 65
  • Storage temperature: -36 ~ 65
  • Spot size: 15 meters spot for Ï10 mm

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Description :

A laser diode is electrically a PIN diode. The active region of the laser diode is in the intrinsic (I) region, and the carriers (electrons and holes) are pumped into that region from the N and P regions respectively.Unlike a regular diode, the goal for a laser diode is to recombine all carriers in the I region, and produce light.

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